October BID Business of the Month – Brite Recruitment

Wednesday July 1, 2020

Brite Recruitment, Cheltenham’s independent recruitment agency based in Montpellier has been one of the lucky few who have managed to stay open throughout lockdown. Transforming into a fully remote business overnight has been a huge success for them as the four-strong team continue to work both remotely and safely from their office in Cheltenham.

Cheltenham BID’ s Digital and Communications Exec Maria Allebone interviewed, Karen Pollard Founder and Managing Director about how they have been doing the last couple of months.

MA: Why did Brite Recruitment choose Cheltenham?

KP: I lived in Cheltenham at the time. It made sense to start the business here as it’s a great place to be based both professionally and personally!

It’s great to be part of a town with so many independent businesses. Lockdown has made people realise how hard it is to run an independent business. The common difficulties we face make us closer as business owners.

MA:  What has been Brite Recruitment’s biggest success in the last four months?

KP: Despite the extremely difficult conditions, we have kept all the team permanently employed and have worked throughout lockdown. We’ve adjusted to working remotely well. It wasn’t easy, but our hard-work and dedication proves we are strong enough to get through when the times are tough. We’ve managed to recruit and place people in employment as well as gain new clients along the way.

MA: Have you found you have had to adapt your business more to online services rather than face to face? Has it worked?

KP: All interviews now take place via telephone or video call. Some of our clients are inviting candidates to face-to-face interviews at later stages, but new safety regulations have been put into place before they do this.

 It’s been strange to see the industry adapt and there are still struggles (e.g. technical difficulties, getting a true feel for the person’s persona etc.) but we believe it’s been a step in the right direction for recruitment.

 MA: And finally, what are you and your team most looking forward to?

 KP: It’s been a very challenging time, but we love what we do and are looking forward to seeing the market grow again. We pride ourselves on the high standard of service we provide no matter what the circumstance and continue to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and enjoy supporting their business growth. Whilst everyone is still adapting to the new world, we are optimistic about the future and will continue to remain positive!