Cheltenham’s Christmas Spirits Trail

Monday June 22, 2020

Ten new BID businesses have been invited to be part of Cheltenham’s newest exciting FREE interactive town center trail – the magical Christmas Spirits Trail. Trail will start – Saturday 14 November – Sunday 3 January.

The Christmas Spirit Trail is an interactive experience trail with a difference. Families don’t just walk from one stop to another looking at things – they fully interact with the trail by scanning the QR codes (kids love to do this), seeing the colourful characters burst to life with animations, learning their unique stories and are finally rewarded with a bespoke Christmas Spirit eBook at the end.

The trail will lead groups to 10 locations within the BID zone (town centre) where Near Field Communication (NFC) – a contact-less communication technology – and QR codes will be used to identify the individual Christmas spirits.

You may not have heard about him but Santa has a less famous brother, Albert Claus. Albert’s job is to maintain the Christmas Spirit and spread joy bubbles on Christmas day, but he’s gone missing!

By visiting the trail stops and speaking to each of the cheerful Spirits of Christmas, players will learn what has happened to Albert and, finally, be able to solve the mystery, save him and read a free Christmas Spirit eBook at the end.  

Meet Koto, ‘Spirit of Christmas Song’, one of the 10 ‘Spirits of Christmas’ on the trail.

Trail map and more information to come.

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Cheltenham BID are confident that the trail can be played in a very safe and responsible manner. Players will likely be in family/small groups and will not need to enter any buildings to play. All displayed materials will discourage players from physically touching the windows/posters and the BID will install markings around the window decals to give families space to interact with them one group at a time.