BID Business of the Month – Tokyotattoo Studios

Tuesday March 10, 2020

Deano Jouni is passionate about his business and his team.  He created Tokyotattoo Studios in November 2012 and has had fun growing it ever since. 

The creative team at the studio have world-wide reputations as tattoo artists, with clients regularly coming from several countries to see them.  Tokyotattoo Studios is sponsored by the biggest brands in the tattoo world, making them a magnet for international guest artists. 

Deano chose to base his business in The Courtyard in Montpellier because he thinks it epitomises everything that is great about Cheltenham. He wants to see more people enjoying everything Montpellier has to offer. 

Collaboration is a key word in Deano’s vocabulary. He believes that independent businesses need to work together to thrive, showcasing their specialities and introducing themselves to new audiences. 

In July 2019 he launched TokyoFest. In collaboration with Koj, Fat Tonis, Dunkertons Cider and L’una Design, he held a day of fun and celebration, encouraging visitors from the nearby Midsummer Fiesta to join in and break the preconception some have of what a tattoo parlour is.  

TokyoFest 2020 will take place on Fourth July this year, on the same day as the Midsummer Fiesta. The date is not lost on Deano. He said: “I want people to celebrate independent businesses and all they have to offer.”   

Winner of the BID Awards 2018 – Independent Business of the Year – Tokyotattoo Studios

The businesses in Montpellier are all fully behind the plans and many have asked to be a part of the event this year.  Deano thinks that the event is a great opportunity to give the area a different edge and bring in new demographics of society.  

With more than 100,000 followers across their social media channels, Tokyotattoo Studios don’t have any trouble in putting the word out about their artists, clients and events.  

Tokyotattoo Studios was the winner of the Independent Business of the Year in the BID Awards 2018. Deano said: “We’re not seen as a mainstream business, so to be recognised in this way was a real honour.”