Report It!

Tuesday December 17, 2019

The BID has partnered with Cheltenham Borough Council to set up an effective team to help tackle anti-social behaviour across the town centre.

The new Town Centre Team is a group of partners from a variety of agencies, including Cheltenham Borough Council Enforcement and Public and Environmental Health officers, Police personnel, BID ambassadors and Solace representatives.

Belinda Hunt, BID Operations Manager sits on the Town Centre Team board.  She said: “Being able to get everyone around the table to share experiences and work together means all aspects of anti-social behaviour can be tackled more effectively from all angles.”

The Town Centre Team are addressing things like fly-tipping and fly-posting, street begging, illegal touts, street drinking, graffiti, littering, overflowing bins and much more, as part of our aim to make Cheltenham a safer, cleaner and more friendly place to be.

Mike Redman, Director of Environment said: “We can’t be in all places at once, so to tackle these issues, we need to know about them. It’s vital that people report what they see and what they want dealt with. Feedback from businesses and the public has been that it is difficult to report anti-social behaviour.  So, one of the first things that has been achieved by the Town Centre Team is the streamlining of an online reporting tool.”

To make a report to the Town Centre Team go to  and select the issue you want to report on.  You will be taken to a page which gives you some information about the range of matters you can report, with a click-through to the appropriate on-line reporting form. Reports are logged and you will get a response and be updated when the issue has been dealt with.  There is a relatively small team dealing with initial reports and getting them on to the right officers for action, so please try to keep your description brief and, if you have them, upload images.