Boots Corner Trial Closure – your last chance to have your say

Thursday November 7, 2019

The 18-month Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO)for Phase 4 amended trial of the Cheltenham Transport Plan – or the trial closure of Boots Corner – is due to draw to a close before Christmas.

Here is the timetable of the final stages of the ETRO.

3rd December – the last chance you have to make formal representation.  To ensure that your views are recorded, add your formal comment here

16th December – your opportunity to attend Gloucestershire County Council Traffic Regulation Committee meeting to discuss the Phase 4 amended trial of the Cheltenham Transport Plan. The meeting will take place at St Paul’s Church from 10am. If you would like to attend you need to book your place.

The committee will make their recommendation to Gloucestershire County Council’s Cabinet

20th December – Gloucestershire County Council’s Cabinet will make a decision about the future of the Boots Corner trial closure.