First Street Chilli Fiesta on it’s way to Cheltenham

Monday March 20, 2017

Love hot chillies and think you have eaten the very hottest?

A new event coming to Cheltenham in June will put that to the test at a family street fiesta with a difference.

Up to 15 chilli producers will have stalls in Cambray Place from 10am to 5.30pm on Saturday June 3rd in an event we have jointly organised with Chilli Fest UK.

As well as a huge range of chillies, there will be chilli sauces, chilli cheeses, chilli olives, a chilli BBQ and even a chilli artist.

The hottest chilli eating contest will be open to adults only and will take place at 2pm.

Organiser Alex Mustang, of Chilli Fest UK, has been running similar events all over the UK for more than seven years and is delighted to be coming to Cheltenham for the first time.

“We have many chilli fans, from the curious to the extreme enthusiast who follow us all over the country,” he said. “I am positive that the people of Cheltenham will come out in force to support this event and take part in this debut chilli fiesta.”

We are keen to bring new events to different parts of the town.  Our Director, Kevan Blackadder said: “Markets are normally held on The Promenade or Long Gardens and the Festivals focus on Montpellier Gardens and Imperial Square.” He said: “We want to start using areas like Cambray Place for more events both because it’s a good location and because it will help bring extra custom not only to businesses in Cambray Place itself but also to that end of High Street.

“I’m sure the pubs and cafes on Cambray Place and High Street will be doing a roaring trade in cool drinks after the chilli eating competition.”

This is also a great opportunity for other local businesses to get involved, making special chilli themed products available on their menus.