Board for Cheltenham BID announced

Tuesday August 30, 2016

Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID) has confirmed the make-up of the board that will drive its wide range of initiatives.

The backers of Cheltenham BID, which launched on August 1, wanted to recruit a board that represented the wide range of businesses in the BID zone, which covers the High Street, Promenade, Montpellier and Brewery areas of the town centre.

They wanted to ensure national and independent retailers, managed centres, leisure and night-time businesses and professional services were all represented.
Terri Brewster, operations manager at The Brewery Quarter, has been appointed Chair of the Cheltenham BID Board.

The other board directors are:

Scott Lahive, Regent Arcade
Clem Fraser, House of Fraser
Vicki Shillam, Marks & Spencer
Amy Broomhall, Boots
Alex Rose, Beards
Sophie Scarrott, Keith Scarrott Shoes
Dustin Wise, L’Una Design
Richard Dare, James of Montpellier
Julie Finch, Cheltenham Trust
Chun Kong, Mayflower Restaurant
Philip Jordan, Under the Prom and Coco
Chris Barry, RBS
Steve Jordan, Cheltenham Borough Council
Tim Atkins, Cheltenham Borough Council

Terri Brewster

Terri Brewster said: “We were committed to forming a board that would be representative of both the different types of business within the BID zone and the geographical areas it covers. 

I’m delighted with the make-up of the board, with strong representatives from both national and independent retailers as well as the leisure sector and night-time economy.

The board members are all volunteers who have committed to giving their time to make sure that the BID achieves its objectives over the next five years.”

Chris Barry, Area Director of RBS, said he was delighted to be joining the board.

I have worked in the BID area my whole career and have been a customer attracted to Cheltenham town centre my entire life,” he said. 

“In my day job, I get the opportunity to understand the needs of both small to medium size businesses as well as private individuals. I have a great passion and enthusiasm to make a difference in the town where I grew up.”

The 600-plus businesses who will fund the BID were contacted to nominate board members after a ballot supported its formation.

Kevan Blackadder, previously Cheltenham town centre manager, has been appointed BID Director to manage the company and fulfill the objectives of the board on behalf of the town’s businesses.