Executive Summary

Saturday January 16, 2016

A Business Improvement District, or BID, is a business-led and business-funded body
formed specifically to make agreed improvements to a defined commercial area of
a town or city.

In Cheltenham, it is proposed to establish a BID covering the High Street, Promenade,
Montpellier and Brewery areas of the town centre.

Funds received from businesses within that area will be used only for the delivery of planned
improvement activities which have been agreed with those businesses. These funds are not
used to replace services that are provided by public agencies such as the police and local
authorities; they provide new funding for new projects and services over and above those
statutory obligations.

The Opportunity

This is your chance to help deliver £2 million of additional investment in the town centre over
the next five years. It is a huge opportunity for Cheltenham which will give you the means to
enhance business performance, improve trading conditions and increase footfall.

The Funding

The BID would be funded by a 1.25% levy on the rateable value of eligible businesses in the
BID area. Businesses with a rateable value below £7,500 will be exempt, but may become
involved by making voluntary contributions if they wish. The BID will also help generate
additional funds over and above those received from the levy, as it provides a mechanism
for accessing grants and other funding streams.

The Management

This is your BID and you decide whether it goes ahead. Do not miss out on such a huge
opportunity to enhance the performance of your business and give our town the competitive
edge that it deserves. Vote Yes for the Cheltenham BID.

Our Vision

“We aim to make Cheltenham a vibrant and prosperous town
where businesses flourish and visitor numbers increase.
Whether you live or work in Cheltenham or are simply visiting,
we want to ensure you enjoy our town centre, appreciate how
much it has to offer and look forward to returning.”