What does Brexit mean for you and your business?

The UK-EU Free Trade Agreement took effect on Friday 1 January 2021, requiring immediate action from businesses to ensure compliance and avoid any disruption to operations.

Recognising the lack of clear information available, The Growth Hub and Gfirst LEP have produced resources for businesses in Gloucestershire to navigate Brexit, helping them transition and comply with the new rules.

The resources have been compiled by a new team of EU Transition Advisors who are also on-hand to answer any concerns or challenges faced by businesses free of charge.

As the deal is over 1000 pages long, the following points have been outlined as the most important for businesses:

  • Level Playing Field- the maintenance of common, but not identical, standards on certain regulations 
  • Travel- visa requirements if staying in the EU for more than 90 days in a 180-day period, as well as cooperation on international mobile roaming
  • Data- the UK is currently waiting for the EU to formally recognise that its data rules are at an acceptable standard
  • European Court of Justice- an end to direct jurisdiction of the ECJ in the UK, except for Northern Ireland
  • Product Standards- goods may need to be checked twice to get certified for sale both the UK and EU
  • Professional Qualifications- the EU will not automatically recognise UK qualifications

For more detail on each point, visit https://www.thegrowthhub.biz/the-buzz/news/zero-days-go-uks-eu-deal.

Other useful webpages include a list of the best resources and an article on how businesses can avoid disruption. 

Resources most relevant to Cheltenham BID businesses:

UK Government: an interactive tool for UK citizens and businesses.

UK Finance: sector-specific (financial) advice for UK businesses

BRC: sector-specific (retail) advice for UK businesses

UKFDA: sector-specific (food and drink) advice for UK businesses

Cheltenham: Cheltenham Borough Council’s advice for local businesses

FSB: advice and support specifically aimed at small UK businesses.

Business actions by topic, support and guidance

Top five action lists for ten sectors

Find the full list of resources here and the page on how to avoid disruption here.

If you would like to ask a question or speak with an EU Transition Advisor, get in touch by emailing euexit@thegrowthhub.biz.

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