The following are just a few examples of the achievements of established BIDs:

Marketing and promotion
Retail Birmingham developed their major Shop Shop marketing campaign in 2014, which involved high quality design and branding using outdoor, online, digital, radio and train panel advertising, with an estimated reach of over 1 million consumers

● Parking incentives
Worcester BID has developed a range of parking offers for BID businesses with car park owners and operators in the city. This enables businesses to provide discounted rates to staff and subsidised parking to key customers

● Further town centre events
Bath BID created a series of major city centre events, including a month-long food festival – the Great Bath Feast – which attracts more than 100,000 visitors into the city centre area during that time

● Public realm improvements
Colmore BID carried out a major public realm improvement scheme within the heart of its area which created a very high-quality new public square

● Signage
Newquay BID is currently developing a major signage and wayfinding project throughout the town in order to greatly improve the visitor experience

Since the introduction of Business Improvement District legislation in 2003, over 200
Business Improvement Districts have been created in town and city centres across the UK
and the Republic of Ireland. Cheltenham would be the first BID in Gloucestershire.

The number of BIDs continues to rise around the country and they are increasingly considered
as the model of best-practice for high quality town and city centre management. Those
currently in operation in comparable centres within 50 miles of Cheltenham include Solihull,
Leamington Spa, Worcester, Stratford-upon-Avon, Hereford, Bath, Oxford and Bristol.

BIDs are funded through a levy calculated as a small percentage of business rates, with the
levy percentage varying depending on the needs of the area in question. Most BIDs set a levy
of between 1% and 2%. In Cheltenham, it is proposed that each business would pay a levy of
1.25% of the rateable value of their premises.

It is important to note that the intention of a BID is to add projects and activities over and
above those which are already taking place in the town. A BID is not, therefore, a mechanism
for any public or private sector body to cease to provide established activities.

The maximum term covered by a BID Business Plan is five years and the continuation of any
BID beyond this term would require a renewed Business Plan and a re-ballot of the businesses
within the BID area. Over 75 BIDs have achieved a successful re-ballot and several are within
their third BID term, having achieved two subsequent re-ballots.

I’m pleased to support this initiative to introduce a Business Improvement District in Cheltenham. The Council has been working closely with local businesses for years and has been jointly funding the town centre manager role through the Cheltenham Business Partnership. The BID builds on that and would generate the funding for the exciting projects that the local business community are proposing in this plan. Steve Jordan, Leader, Cheltenham Borough Council

The aim of the proposed BID is to give our businesses a direct say in the town’s future in a way that has never been possible before.

Businesses would be responsible for deciding how a fund of more than £2 million would be invested over five years to improve the town.

This Business Plan sets out project ideas identified by local businesses that would make a real difference to the prosperity of the town. Effective marketing, car parking incentives, new events, structural improvements and business support have all been identified as key areas.

The plan also explains how the BID would work, how businesses would benefit and how it would be set up and managed.

More than 600 businesses will decide whether the BID goes ahead by voting in a ballot to be held in April 2016.

A Business Improvement District, or BID, is a business-led and business-funded body
formed specifically to make agreed improvements to a defined commercial area of
a town or city.

In Cheltenham, it is proposed to establish a BID covering the High Street, Promenade,
Montpellier and Brewery areas of the town centre.

Funds received from businesses within that area will be used only for the delivery of planned
improvement activities which have been agreed with those businesses. These funds are not
used to replace services that are provided by public agencies such as the police and local
authorities; they provide new funding for new projects and services over and above those
statutory obligations.

The Opportunity

This is your chance to help deliver £2 million of additional investment in the town centre over
the next five years. It is a huge opportunity for Cheltenham which will give you the means to
enhance business performance, improve trading conditions and increase footfall.

The Funding

The BID would be funded by a 1.25% levy on the rateable value of eligible businesses in the
BID area. Businesses with a rateable value below £7,500 will be exempt, but may become
involved by making voluntary contributions if they wish. The BID will also help generate
additional funds over and above those received from the levy, as it provides a mechanism
for accessing grants and other funding streams.

The Management

This is your BID and you decide whether it goes ahead. Do not miss out on such a huge
opportunity to enhance the performance of your business and give our town the competitive
edge that it deserves. Vote Yes for the Cheltenham BID.

Our Vision

“We aim to make Cheltenham a vibrant and prosperous town
where businesses flourish and visitor numbers increase.
Whether you live or work in Cheltenham or are simply visiting,
we want to ensure you enjoy our town centre, appreciate how
much it has to offer and look forward to returning.”