Street Trading Licences under review

Cheltenham Borough Council is asking businesses to have their say on the way street trading licences are issued.  

The current policy is under review and aims to:

  1. prevent the obstruction of the streets by street trading activities;
  2. sustain established shopkeepers in the town;
  3. maintain the quality of the townscape and add value to the town; and
  4. encourage inward investment.

The policy specifies locations around the town that have been deemed appropriate for street trading. The policy has revised these locations taking into account the changing nature of the public realm and retail offer.

The changes also include revisions to the appearance of the stalls or vehicles so that the council will generally not permit trading units where the unit fully, or substantially, blocks lines of sight to established retailers in the vicinity. Any street trading operation that negatively impacts public access by walking, cycling or public transport will not be encouraged.

All BID Businesses are being encouraged to give their feedback on the policy, and full details can be found at

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