The voting process

By law, in order for a BID to be established, a ballot of eligible business listed on the local Billing Authority’s Rating database has to be held. The voting process has to be conducted entirely by post.

The votes are sent to either the tenant of the business or the landlord (in the case of vacant units) within the boundary set for the BID. An independent organisation called the Electoral Reform Services has been appointed to carry out the voting process in Cheltenham.

For the BID ballot to be successful, two requirements must be met:
1. A majority of those who vote must have voted yes.
2. The total rateable value of those businesses which vote yes must exceed the rateable value of those which vote no.

The ballot papers will be sent out on 31 March 2016 and completed papers must be received by post at the Electoral Reform Services offices no later than 5pm on Thursday 28 April 2016. The result will be announced as early as possible in May 2016.