Public Realm Improvements

You said…

● Our pavements and pedestrianised areas are not up to scratch
● The environment could be made even more attractive
● It is hard to get people to go from one district to another in Cheltenham

So we will…

● Create imaginative, wayfinding trails to link the main areas ofthe town with each other
● Lobby for improvements to the provision, appearance and maintenance of public seating
● Install attractive promotional town centre banners with real impact
● Lobby for improvements to pedestrianised areas and crossings
● Co-ordinate our work with that of the borough and county councils to maximise the quality and extent of public realm improvements

Proposed budget £125,250 over five years

It is essential that we all play our part in promoting and presenting this unique town
of ours at its best. The Cheltenham BID project is the mechanism to do this.
Steve Newman – Manager, Yo Sushi!, Cheltenham