Cheltenham’s High Street is Healthy

March 2019 Newsletter Article

There has been a decline in visitor numbers year on year in almost every town in the country and Cheltenham has been no exception. But we’re starting to buck that trend more often than not.

In 2018, November and December saw an increase in footfall when compared to 2017 with November being up by 2% and December by 1.8%.  During the same period, the national average saw some of the sharpest declines for the year, with a decrease of 5% in November and 5.7% in December.

Whilst January 2019 saw a decrease of 3% when compared with January 2018, February 2019 saw a massive 15% increase in Cheltenham. We’re sure the BID’s popular Light Up Cheltenham event and the fabulous February weather both had plenty to do with that.

The BID has recently been given access to a camera placed near WH Smith by international retail analysists, Springboard. 

We recognise that this data is based on a single camera and may not reflect the same pattern throughout the town, so if you are able to provide us with footfall for your business, we will begin to build a bigger picture.  If this is something you can help with, please email Belinda Hunt for more details.

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