Boom in visitor numbers and overnight stays in Cheltenham

A new report shows a significant rise in the number of people coming to Cheltenham and in the number staying overnight, bucking the national trend.

Last year, the number of day visitors to Cheltenham grew to 1.9 million – an increase of 7%, whilst the number of nights spent in the town by staying visitors rose to just under 1.1 million – an increase of 6%.

The figures also highlight the importance of the overseas market to the town, with the growth in international visitors growing at a faster rate than those from within the UK, including a 14% increase on the number of nights spent in Cheltenham by overseas visitors.

In each case, Cheltenham has significantly outperformed the national trend which saw a drop in overnight trips and day visits over the same period. Overall, it means that Cheltenham’s visitor economy is now worth over £162 million to the local economy.

The findings have been revealed by Marketing Cheltenham following the latest annual study by independent research specialists, The South West Research Company.

David Jackson, Marketing Cheltenham Manager, said: “These latest results are hugely encouraging and provide a welcome reminder of the significant contribution made by the tourism sector to Cheltenham’s wider economy. The fact that these figures buck the national trend is particularly pleasing and is testament to the enduring appeal of Cheltenham’s renowned shopping offer as well as its ever-expanding and world-class festivals and events programme.”

The BID directly supports Marketing Cheltenham and Director Kevan Blackadder said: “There’s never been any doubt that Cheltenham is a wonderful place to visit with so much going on. What we’re getting much better at is in spreading that message. It’s good to see that being reflected in increases in the number of visitors to the town.”

Earlier this year, Marketing Cheltenham launched Cheltenham’s new The Festival Town brand, helping to reposition its image and highlight the town’s outstanding festivals, events and cultural offer to both national and international audiences.

Tracey Crews, Director of Planning at Cheltenham Borough Council, said: “When Cheltenham Borough Council set up Marketing Cheltenham back in 2017, our ambition was to grow the value of Cheltenham’s visitor economy by 5% each year through to 2022, so it’s great to see that this investment is already starting to pay off. Looking ahead, there are huge opportunities on the horizon for Cheltenham and our outstanding cultural and tourism offer has a vital part to play in realising our place vision, attracting people to not only visit, but also to live, work and study here too.”

Since forming in 2017, Marketing Cheltenham has led the town’s destination marketing strategy under the banner of Visit Cheltenham.

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