BID Business of the month – Warhammer Cheltenham

Warhammer Cheltenham (formerly Games Workshop) recently celebrated its seventh anniversary. Will Rawlins has been the store manager for three years and feels lucky to be in the position.

Warhammer is a tabletop miniature wargame that simulates battles between terrestrial armies from different factions.  Created in 1983, the game continues to grow in popularity and attracts people of all ages.

Cheltenham has an active Warhammer community and the store on Pittville Street frequently holds games nights and hobby sessions, bringing people to Cheltenham from far and wide.  Will Rawlins, the store manager, said: “Even when people are on holiday in Gloucestershire, they pop into town to come to the shop.”

The store stocks the full range of characters and everything gamers need to build their battlefields and family and friends can often be found there enjoying time together. They even offer free beginners’ sessions to help new gamers paint their characters and build their skills.

Will was enthusiastic about the Hidden Cheltenham trails and kindly gave the BID Age of Sigmar characters to put into every goodie bag given out. Not only that, but once people had their character, they could go to a free painting workshop to bring their character to life.

Will sees working with other local businesses as a way of introducing like-minded people to new products and experiences. People from both Incom Gaming and Warhammer Cheltenham can often be seen battling on the tables.

As BID Business of the month, Warhammer Cheltenham will have a representative speaker at the next Cheltenham Business Forum event.  We will highlight them across our social media channels, and they will feature on the home page of our website.