BID Business of the Month – Molton Brown

As BID Business of the month Molton Brown has been asked to speak at the Cheltenham Business Forum’s Big Breakfast.

Molton Brown has been a favourite on The Promenade since it opened its doors in October 2007. Originally situated where you will now find Oliver Bonas, they moved to their current location on the corner of Ormond Place and The Promenade, opposite Beards, in 2017.

Alison Jacobson joined Molton Brown in 2014 and in 2017 she was promoted to Store Manager.

Alison Jacobsen – Store Manager

The Cheltenham store is one of the highest performing branches. This is in no small way due to Alison’s enthusiasm and innovation. It is a centre of excellence for the Brand and all the new Management attend their induction training at this store with Alison and her team.

Alison is always looking at different ways to bring new customers to the shop. She likes to collaborate with local independent retailers with a similar customer demographic and frequently works with other BID businesses to hold special events. Partnerships with Laura Leigh Hairdressing, Beards, The Find and Lush-Stuff have all proved very popular, increasing the shop’s Events sales by 50% in 2017 vs the previous year and 36% in 2018 vs 2017. This has enabled the store to deliver 7% growth year on year since 2016.
Alison thinks these collaborative events are the way forward to keep the high street alive. With such fierce competition with online orders, customers will visit stores, and keep returning, if they are given a good experience. This enables stores to deliver the growth and results she has seen. She says: “It is nice to give independent retailers a Promenade location to help support increased traffic into their businesses.”

In the first BID Business Awards, held in 2017, Alison was nominated as Retail Manager of the Year. Up against some tough competition from national and independent retailers, Alison’s ability to create events and promotions around local interest stood out.

We are delighted to have Molton Brown as the first national business joining Cheltenham’s Boutique Sale this year. Now in its third year, this event provides the perfect setting for businesses to share their customer base with each other. When Alison was offered the opportunity to bring some of Molton Brown’s luxury products to the event, she didn’t hesitate, saying: “I would love to be involved in such an event and thank you for thinking of us as a Brand to support such an event.”

Alison attends the regular Prom Traders meetings and always keeps the BID team up to date with her plans, helping us share them on social media.

As BID business of the month, Molton Brown Cheltenham will have the opportunity for a representative to speak at Cheltenham Business Forum’s Big Breakfast in January.

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