The Proposal

The BID would be regulated by legislation and the main rules would be as follows:

● This is a first BID proposal to cover the period 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2021 inclusive
● The BID would deliver additional services over and above those provided by the public sector
● All national non-domestic ratepayers within the proposed boundary would be liable to pay
the BID levy, with the exception of any business with a rateable value below £7,500, which will be exempt
● The BID levy would be set at 1.25% of business rateable value except for businesses within managed shopping and entertainment centres where the levy would be 1%
● The BID levy will apply from 1 April each year and will be applied proportionally if required in any part of the financial year
● £60,000 of the costs in developing this BID proposal are to be recovered through the BID levy between 1 August 2016 and 31 July 2021

BIDs across the country have shown just how successful collaborative marketing can be. With an integrated approach, we can achieve much higher reach and impact. We can also deliver a much better return on investment for individual businesses. Anthony Wardle, Paragon Art Gallery, Montpellier