Consultation with businesses

When the BID was being established, extensive consultation took place with town centre businesses and other stakeholders.

Throughout our first term, we listened to the businesses of Cheltenham, we asked for feedback on our activities, and we took on board their comments.

As we approached the final months of our first term, we asked for more formal feedback from BID businesses through our Consultation Survey.  This included the businesses who had benefitted from the BID’s work for almost five years and those who we wanted to benefit in future as we expanded the BID area.

As well as sending out a link to the consultation document and survey to businesses, we visited those we could, we telephoned and used social media to direct message them. We had links to the survey on our website and social media channels.

The response to the survey clearly showed there was an appetite for the expansion of the BID area and although we were in lockdown during the time of the consultation, the positive feedback and engagement showed the need for us to run for a second term.

The information drawn from the consultation survey helped build and inform Cheltenham BID’s business plan for our second term.